Kumano Beach (熊野海水浴場) in Tanegashima

Kumano Beach is located on Route 75 south between Nakatane and Minamitane. With smallish waves and calm waters, it is an ideal place for swimming, camping, canoeing, and snorkeling. 

A long stretch of fine sand from roadside to cliffside, Kumano also boasts some of Tanegashima's prettiest miniature sandstone formations along its shoreline.  At low tide, it is possible to walk out to some of these rocks. Aside from providing appreciable scenery, they are a prime spot for collecting shellfish. (Just mind the insects on the seaside rock in the warm weather.)

Wild camping is possible at most of the beaches on Tanegashima, but Kumano is one of the few official campsites. Tents, toilets, showers, and other rentable commodities, as well as a kitchen, are all available during the tourist season. There is also a hot spring within close walking distance.

Blanket Rental: ¥100Tent Rental: ¥800 to ¥1000 |Grill Rental: ¥400

Camping: ¥210/Tent |Shower: ¥20CALL: 099-727-8785 or 099-727-1111