Akagome Red Rice Museum (赤米館) in Tanegashima

The Akagome Red Rice Museum is a small building located on the right side of Route 75 south. It is dedicated to preserving the culture of Tanegashima's traditional red rice, which closely resembles Javanica, or the dry-land rice grown in the mountains of southeast Asia. This resemblance suggests that the akagome came to Tanegashima from the Philippines by way of Okinawa and the other Ryukyu Islands.

In ancient times, farmers would till the land with the stamping of horses' hooves, a tradition unique in Japan to the islands in the south of Kagoshima.

Tanegashima's Red Rice Ceremony is traditionally held at the nearby Homan Shrine. In the past, similar ceremonies were also held at Madokoro-Hachiman and Urata Shrines. A Red Rice Planting Ceremony is also held every year on April 3rd in the fields behind the Red Rice Museum. It begins around 9 AM and lasts for over an hour, drawing a large crowd of locals and press. Unfortunately, only local men and boys are allowed to participate. The ceremony is followed by a number of traditional dances in full costume.