Nagahama Beach (長浜海岸) in Tanegashima

(Map of Locations)

Nagahama Beach is a long stretch of sandy coastline that runs along Tanegashima's west side. It is known for spectacular sunsets and baby sea turtle hatchings in the summer, and the shellfish that locals collect there in the spring. Fishing and bonfires are also popular. Cars are allowed on the sand, but despite the frequent presence of local surfers, swimming is not advised due to an unusually strong undertow.


Head south through Nakatane Town on Route 58 and take a right onto the smaller Route 588 toward Shimama Port. A ten minute drive brings you to a small blue sign on the left-hand side of the road, indicating a right turn for Nagahama Beach in Obure. This small road lined with trees, garden walls, and driveways will eventually open up into an unpaved beach drive.

The parking lot is past an occasionally sizeable buildup of sand, so if you doubt your tires or the lowhanging undercarriage of the car, pull off to the side before reaching this area to avoid getting stuck.  In the parking lot there are usually a number of small fishing boats moored nearby, but the beach is rarely crowded during waking hours.

On warm summer nights, it is possible to camp out and even have a bonfire on the sand.

The sunsets can also be spectacular. On clear nights, it is possible to see the volcanic eruptions on neighboring Ioujima Island.


Another five minutes south on Route 588 and you will reach an acute right turn onto a long paved drive. This leads to Nagahama Beach in Shimoda.

April and May are popular months for collecting shellfish, and on sunny weekends you can see small crowds with nets and buckets digging about in the sand.

The sunset through the pylons is a paarticularly beautiful sight.

Stay to watch the sun go down, but beware of insects on windless summer nights.

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