Writing Music

All writers and artists go about their process somewhat differently from one another, but I believe there's at least a small portion of us who enjoy music while we create. These area few songs I almost always have on rotation.

1) The Moment I Said It
Or anything by Imogen Heap

2) My Medea
Or anything by Vienna Teng

3) Michel
Or anything by Anouk

4) Almost Lover
Or anything by A Fine Frenzy

5) Breathe Me
Or anything by Sia

6) I Need to Know
Kris Allen

7) Braveheart Soundtrack
James Horner

8) Dead End Driving
Or anything by Ari Hest

9) Precious Things
Or anything by Tori Amos

10) Blood Diamond Soundtrack
James Newton Howard

11) The Eagle Soundtrack
Atli Örvarsson

12) Wrecking Ball
Or anything by Chris Pureka

13) Mace Spray
Or anything by The Jezebels