Franchesca Ramsey and the "Shit ___ Say to ___" Girls

There is a mind-boggling overabundance of vloggers on Youtube. This woman, however, has twice now managed to achieve perfection - she made her point, and was pretty fucking funny.  In the first video below she wonderfully encapsulates everything wrong with the public's faintly disgusting habit of labelling things they find stupid, laughable, or less than conventionally manly as 'gay.' (Ignorance? Willful offensiveness? Hipster homophobia? Who can say.)

"'You're So Gay' - it sounds homophobic, but of course she's using the other, fashionable version of the word, meaning 'anything generally bad'. And anyone who thinks that sounds offensive should just Jew off and stop being so bloody black about it."

- Simon Amstell

Next she tackled the growing abundance of "Shit Girls Say" videos, which depending on who you are you may find either wildly hilarious or deeply offensive (likely while feeling vaugely mortified at how spot-on they can on occasion be). Again, Franchesca's video was hilarious, yet pointed.

And while on the subject, it's best not to forget the many videos that have since followed from like-minded individuals, including the fantabulous voice of Lizzy the Lezzy.