A Celebration of Red Lipstick

Courtney Love. I have no idea what the proper name for her style is - babydoll kinderwhore grunge? - but she's probably got some of the most iconic red lips ever.  My favorite is her lipstick in her band's video for 'Violet.'

Joan Jett. She doesn't actually wear a lot of lipstick on a normal basis, but especially during the 80's she rocked this really dark reddish skin-tone shade like no other. It totally inspired girl to want to try darker colors. She also rocks it in more than one music video.

Brian Molko. Because if it takes guts to wear red lipstick as a girl, try it as a boy. The picture below is accurate.

Lindsey Way. Because she looks amazing in it and I gives people girlboners.

Kat Dennings. Both in Charlie Bartlett and later works, as well as real life.

Taylor Momsen. Sometimes her makeup is vaguely terrifying, but, it works for her. She, too, shows it off in numerous music videos.

Gwen Stefani. Not a fan personally, but the post wouldn't be complete without her.

Marilyn Monroe! Because, obviously.

Shirley Manson. Singer of the band Garbage! She's also a sex-positive feminist. Who makes good music.

Geisha. Yesssss.

Rocky Horror. Because it was necessary.

Also, this.